Psychometric Assessment Tool

Psychometric Assessment Tool brought to you by AGU

A candidate assessment tool to help you find the perfect fit for your role.

Here is how the tool works:


Validated performance models that cover thousands of job roles.

Candidates take a 60 minute online adaptive assessment that tests their cognitive skills, behavioral traits and interests.


Evaluate individuals against technology success benchmarks for the position using computer adaptive technology.


Decide if you want to interview the candidates, based on objective, data-driven "fit" scores.

The evaluations tell you if the candidates "can do the job," how they will do the job" and if they will "enjoy the job."


Hire the best candidate while reducing costs and time-to-hire.

How do I purchase the tool?

Based on any role you are hiring for you can choose how many candidates you will want to assess using this tool. Our pricing is based on assessing up to 2, 4, 6 or 8 candidates.

To purchase the tool you will need to add a “Psychometric Testing Assessment” and the number of candidates as an ‘upgrade’ prior to the checkout when purchasing an employer package or contact us.

Assess up to 2 candidates


Assess up to 4 candidates


Assess up to 6 candidates


Assess up to 8 candidates


If you are looking to post a job please visit our package pages to view our range of job posting options and then add the tool as an upgrade before you checkout.

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